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By Martin Holbraad

Embarking on an ethnographic trip to the interior barrios of Havana between practitioners of Ifá, a prestigious Afro-Cuban culture of divination, Truth in Motion reevaluates Western principles approximately fact in gentle of the practices and concepts of a wildly varied, and hugely revered, version. Acutely concentrating on Ifá, Martin Holbraad takes the reader within consultations, initiations, and full of life public debates to teach how Ifá practitioners see fact as anything to be no longer rather a lot represented, as remodeled. Bringing his findings to undergo at the self-discipline of anthropology itself, he recasts the very notion of fact as an issue not just of epistemological divergence but in addition of ontological difference—the query of fact, he argues, isn't really easily approximately how issues might appear differently to humans, but additionally concerning the alternative ways of imagining what these issues are. through delving so deeply into Ifá practices, Truth in Motion bargains cogent new methods of brooding about otherness and the way anthropology can navigate it.  

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Bankruptcy eight, eventually, attracts at the ethnographic and analytical discussions of the previous chapters in an effort to deliver the recursive transformation of the idea that of fact in divination into fruition—the 3rd step of the general argument’s recursive process. Addressing the query of indubita­ bility that prompted the argument from the outset, the dialogue specializes in a chain of ethnographic symptoms of the importance babalawos ac­ twine to the indubitable caliber in their oracles. taking over the analytical demanding situations that this ethnography provides, I enterprise a reconceptualization of fact drawing at the motile analytic complicated within the past chap­ ters. the most important declare this is that, so that it will make experience of the constitutive indubitability of fact in Ifá, divinatory truths needs to be conceived as acts of definition (rather than illustration) that successfully remodel the area upon which they purport to remark. To underline the analytical departure, i exploit the neologism “infinition” to model this motile conceptu­ alization of fact. the realization is dedicated to exploring the metatheoretical dividends of the research of divination provided on the whole physique of the booklet. It does so through putting the idea that of fact as infinition, yielded via the recursive research of Ifá, aspect by way of facet with the claims to fact that this research it­ self has made. Suggesting that anthropology too, like divination, is within the enterprise of infinition, I improve a version of anthropological research that I name “ontographic,” therefore connecting the ontological strength of infinition with the epistemic hindrance with charting issues. The bankruptcy ends by means of explor­ ing a few of the breakdowns within the analogy among anthropology and divination, now not least on the subject of what I deliberate to be the attribute humility of anthropological endeavor—something of which babalawos, as we will see, may perhaps not often be accused. This suggestion of humility as a consti­ tutive precept of anthropological research is taken up in a short epilogue, drawing out a few of its implications for broader questions on the function of ethnographic contingency in anthropology, and the essentially ten­ tative personality of the motile truths to which it supplies upward push. advent The query of fact within the Historiography and Ethnography of Ifá Divination fact as an Ethnographic item A s an item of ethnographic inquiry fact is elusive. definitely, not like presents or witchcraft, fact has no longer made it onto the canon of ethnographic matters, so the belief of doing “an ethnography of fact” is not often self-explanatory. probably a part of the trouble is if one comes to a decision to work out fact as an ethnographer, one sees it all over the place. What point of people’s lives isn't impinged upon by way of matters approximately fact? finding fact within the ethnographer’s global, one has to reckon not just with the plain truism that every one claims are truth-claims (to say “roses are red,” a few philosophers recommend, is to assert that it really is real that roses are red), but additionally with the major subject that fact, as an item of outrage for individuals, is rarely faraway from the skin of existence.

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